1. Guys, you’ve got an echo again. It hasn’t been there for a few weeks, but it’s back now.

  2. Wow.

    First let me say that I always enjoy your podcast.

    Having said that, the audio quality is always quite poor. And having said that, the audio qualty on this podcast is the worst ever! The volume is extremely low, there is a pronounced echo, and it is also heavily distorted across the board. Almost impossible to listen to.

  3. I listen to the show on several different audio setups before uploading it, and I detected (and still detect) no problems with the levels. I also hear no echo for most of the show – there were some incidents I couldn’t clear out towards the end – and I really don’t think my ears are that borked.

    If anyone has specific, clear recommendations on how to improve the sound quality that don’t involve spending hundreds of dollars or taking a college-level engineering course, by all means I am open to them.

  4. I also just posted that last comment without mentioning that on a Apple G4 Powerbooks internal speakers this episode sounds fine. Downstairs on my Dualie G4 Powermac, it sounds even better. Levels are clean, and there are only spotting issues with echo. On my sons older PC is sounds as good as on the G4.

    The echo seems to be a skype issue directly related to the Mac versions. It is reduced by running skype over ethernet, and not through WiFi. The wifi seems to create the most problems, and thats something I forgot to emliminate on my end for this most recent show.

    But in general, I am with Mike on this one, the quality seems ok on my end. I dont get where all the variation comes from on the end user, well end.

    Sadly, we do our best, don’
    t have the resources to improve the quality of sound equipment we have, and are forced to use skype to boot. Now, if people would like to piny up for a new OC studio, that sure might help…. 😉

  5. I listen to the show on a pair of cambridge computer speakers and the cast sounds fine. I have a cable connection and download the episodes to my computer. It also sounds fine on my ipod. It’s not crystal digital audio but I could listen to it fine.

    As a participant in Chris’s Dogs game I agree that Carl Rigney is an awesome GM and teacher. If any of you have the opportunity to get into one of his games do it!

    I enjoyed the review of True 20 and am looking forward to hearing about all the goodies at Gen Con, have fun guys!

  6. > the audio qualty on this podcast is the worst ever That was our worst, as Skype’s call-in service quality was… less than stellar. Our guest was on a sub-par cell phone, too. We’ll be taking a different approach the next time we have a guest.

    We’re still trying to improve things, and are always open to suggestions. But worst ever? Not even close. 🙂

  7. The show sounded fine to me.

    I’m excited to hear about GenCon goodness – don’t forget to post between Mechaton games.

  8. I have been the most common whinger about quality in the past.

    And this episode (and the ones recently before it) sounded perfectly fine.

  9. Another peculiar thing I’ve noticed with the podcast is if I use iTunes do download it and then transfer the file over to my portable non-iPod MP3 player, playback sounds really distorted and slow. Sort of like playing a 45 record at 33 1/3. Yet if I download the file directly from /audio and transfer it to my MP3 player, it plays fine.

  10. Re: Coldsnap
    My group has a lot of lapsed Magic players, and Ravnica and Coldsnap has gotten us doing booster drafts, with the possibility of getting back in competetively. Coldsnap may not be appealing to the base, but it’s doing a good job selling to us “old timers.”

    Audio quality was fine with me- downloaded on iTunes, placed on the iPod and FM broadcasted.

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