Next year’s Gen Con to try to be E3, kind of

So, to recap: the Electronic Entertainment Exposition, another one of those trade shows that can’t seem to remember they’re trade shows and not cons, recently got smacked down by all of its largest exhibitors. As a result, it is ceasing to exist in recognizable form. Along comes Gen Con, which will expand its Indy operations in ’07 and move the ’07 So Cal show to Los Angeles from Anaheim. So, look for next year’s Indy show to have a lot more digital action, and for next year’s So Cal to resemble the inside of a pinball machine. Provided that video game manufacturers give Gen Con their business, that is. Have a great time at the con tomorrow, everyone! Try not to panic! (Press release after the jump.)

The below is press release copy from Gen Con LLC.

For Immediate Release


Gen Con, LLC

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Aug. 8, 2006–Gen Con, LLC today announced its plans to expand the offerings of the company’s gaming shows. Gen Con will increase venue space and change a location to better incorporate the video game business as a focus of the Gen Con shows. This will give video game manufacturers, developers, publishers and others, who traditionally attended E3, a place to feature their products to the trade, media and consumers alike.

“When the news came out about the drastic changes at E3, we began to hear from some industry players about Gen Con increasing its capabilities to better accommodate the industry,” said Peter Adkison, CEO of Gen Con, LLC.” With our vast experience in producing quality gaming shows, it is a natural extension for us to make Gen Con a place where the electronic industry can show off its products. The video game business has always been a part of our shows, now they will have a greater presence making Gen Con the nation’s premier gaming show, period!”

In order to better accommodate the video game business into its existing shows, Gen Con will expand its venue space at the Indianapolis show in 2007. An additional 43,000 square feet will be added to the exhibit hall with additional space expanding into area hotels as well to accommodate the thousands of games taking place over the four-day event.

Gen Con So Cal, the companies’ show held in Anaheim will be moved to the Los Angeles Convention Center in 2007. This move will better serve the entertainment industry, so prevalent in the gaming industry and more importantly make Gen Con more accessible to consumers who wish to see the latest and greatest in all things gaming.

“We are absolutely delighted to expand our relationship with Gen Con. This is a fantastic opportunity for our city to host this exciting new show,” said Michael Krouse, Vice President of Convention Sales of The Los Angeles Convention and Visitors Bureau.

About Gen Con LLC Shows

Now in its 39th year, Gen Con “The Best Four Days in Gaming!” has become the largest annual hobby game convention in North America. It draws an avid following of attendees with an annual turnstile attendance of over 100,000. The shows are known for product launch events and as a place where attendees participate in card games, board games, live-action roleplaying games, miniatures, computer games and more. Gen Con is open to the public and held twice. In 2006, the shows are in Indianapolis August 10-13 and Anaheim November 16-19.

In addition to the Gen Con shows, the company recently produced the Star Wars Celebration III for Lucasfilm and will do so for next year’s Star Wars Celebration IV show at the Los Angeles Convention Center May 24-28, 2007. Gen Con, LLC produces the largest consumer fantasy, sci-fi and adventure game convention in North America. Its operations include Gen Con Indy, Gen Con So Cal and Star Wars Celebration IV, and licensee for European Gen Conshows. It was founded in May of 2002 by former CEO and founder of Wizards of the Coast, Peter Adkison, who solely owns the company headquartered in Seattle, Washington. The company’s mission is to create The Best Four Days in Gaming! every year for its customers. For more information visit the website at

LA INC. The Los Angeles Convention and Visitors Bureau is a private, not-for-profit business association whose primary mission is to market the city of Los Angeles as the premier destination for conventions, meetings and leisure travel. Though not part of city government, LA INC. is recognized as the city’s official tourism marketing organization. For more information, please visit


  1. Personal opinion: this would be a GOOD thing if they could attract more software/game companies. God only knows that some of them MIGHT actually try something traditional and find out that its just as fun.

  2. I dunno. This may not bode well for unplugged tabletop gamers, who will be victimized by an increase in wedgies and swirlies crimes. 😉

    Bad enough that jocks know how to boot up a laptop PC, which used to be the geek’s domain.

  3. This will be my last Gen Con SoCal for sure. LA Convention center is in the middle of no where, and it doesn’t have an attached hotel. As for Indy, where are they gonna get even more hotel rooms? On a more positive note, this gives me a much bigger reason to try Origins…

  4. (… another one of those trade shows that can’t seem to remember they’re trade shows and not cons.)

    “So Lara … you single?”

  5. They’re moving SoCal? Damn … I thought the current (last year) arrangements were top-notch. Good location, good facilities, and good parking.

    Ah, well. Looks like Gencon SoCal might be my last this year too.

  6. I don’t like the sound of this. I loves me some video games, but as a small-potatoes tabletop game developer I don’t want to see tabletop games get pushed out of GenCon more and more. As it stands now the booth prices are ridiculous, and I doubt this will make them any cheaper.

  7. Sounds like another player want to take advantage of the E3 void and throwing their hats in: Lunar Tide Communications is hosting the America’s Videogame Expo (VGXPO).


    This might be a setback for Peter Adkison who want to put GenCon on the map with the mainstream, but geeks can breathe easier: no wedgies, no swirlies.

  8. Call me a heretic “old school” gamer, but I have to wonder what the Hell are &^%*ing video games doing in a convention dedicated to actual gaming (i.e. table-top RPGS, miniature wargaming, board games)? Take your PS2 and other electronic trash out of my gaming conventions.

  9. “Take your PS2 and other electronic trash out of my gaming conventions.”

    This I think might be a common kneejerk reaction but in all reality think of this: The wheel was invented at the beginning of time, and thousands of years later we have developed ocean fairing sea vessels, trains, planes, balloons, helicopters, and even spacecraft that can traverse the solar system.

    But look at the wheel. Still a HIGHLY profitable industry.

    I don’t think tabletop game designers and producers need fear the end or be so cagey about digital gaming entertainment products. The boardgame will be around in 300 years as will RPGs.


    Black Powder Games

  10. I agree with Akira MacKenzie. I’m sick to death of f*cking video games. You’ve played one first person shooter, you’ve played them all. I can play Doom II for about a half an hour then I’m good. Keep these damn electronic games out of my con!! So the graphics are better, so what. How many brains does it take go play WOW anyway?

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