A new age of RuneQuest

Plenty of gamers are excited that the new RuneQuest arrives in stores (and at Gen Con) this week, and Mongoose Publishing is making sure players hit the ground running. Aside from the main rulebook being a mere $24.95, multiple support products are in the wings (three supplements in August alone), and the latest issue of the company’s free PDF magazine Signs & Portents contains a free RQ scenario. The Second Age of Glorantha (the “Imperial Age”) looks to be well underway.

Mongoose’s plans aside, Glorantha fans will be interested to see how many of the projects Greg Stafford mentions in his recent RPG.net interview actually see the light of day. With Issaries described as “a holding company of sorts” and basically out of publishing, will Moon Design take HeroQuest in the right direction? We’ve been promised things before (QuestWorlds, anyone? And there was that miniatures boardgame on the Red Moon…).

Mongoose Publishing announcement follows:

[mongoosepublishing] RuneQuest is Here!

The all new RuneQuest will be appearing in your local stores and book shops throughout this week, and will also be present at Gen Con!

Released alongside the deluxe hardcover GM Screen, RuneQuest retains all the flavour and atmosphere you have come to love from this game, but updates and streamlines the rules as never before, allowing you to take full advantage of the unique characteristics of the game without slowing down play. Combat is more exiting than ever, while we have made a concerted effort to reduce the workload on the Games Master.

The RuneQuest main rulebook is priced at just $24.95, while the GM Screen is $14.95.

Next week sees the release of the first scenario, Rune of Chaos, while we have a veritable treasure trove of books coming up over the next few months, including Robin Law’s take on Glorantha in the Second Age!

Be sure to check out this month’s free-to-download issue of Signs & Portents, Mongoose’s house magazine, which contains a RuneQuest scenario ready to play immediatly!

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Matthew Sprange

Mongoose Publishing


  1. I can’t speak for everyone but I have no interest in this. It went into release with two big strikes against it: (1) Its Mongoose – their past history with sloppy editing and poor rule checking is a big strike against them. (2) BOTH previews they’ve released to the public have had errors in them – not a way to sell product and convince reluctant buyers like me (I’ll never forgive them for Conan) that they’ve made any changes for the better.

  2. Ouch on all fronts. I can say I do have some pre-orders for this one…but I sure can’t disagree that Mongoose sure seems slapdash to their approach on products.

  3. I had been looking forward to MRQ (RQ4), but based on the early reviews, RQ SRD, and some other things, I’ll be taking a pass.

    Shame – I’m a big Lankhmar fan, which apparently is their next upcoming setting for it. I don’t have much hope for it at this point.

  4. Be surprised, be very surprised.
    The new RuneQuest is anything other than slapdash. It is a well put together neat little package that provides just everything necessary to play. It is not quite perfect — I would have liked to have seen a few more spells, and I am sure that longtime fans will find soemthing to nit pick over.
    I have even run the first session of the new scenario and that went well. Combat is still nasty and lethal.

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