WizKids announces Pirates Online

WizKids has announced a partnership with MMO-sters Worlds Apart (now apparently known as Sony Online Entertainment Denver) to release an online version of the Pirates of the (Insert Thing That’s Not The Carribbean) CMG in the fall. Coincidentally, the fall is also around when the bulk of retailers will be able to order any new Pirates packs. So… yeah. On the one hand, this is a game that it totally makes sense to play online and I am psyched to try it. On the other, I wonder if it doesn’t take a property the size of Magic to really make a straight online conversion of a CCG sustain itself.


  1. I agree – I feel like much of the fun in Pirates is putting together the little ships and seeing them cruise around. I’m not sure how this will work as an online game…

  2. If this catches on, couldn’t it begin to cannibalize the offline Pirates players, just as Ogrecave’s podcasts have been saying about Magic Onlines effect on the regular card game? If it catches on, that is.

  3. Yes, it could. But at this point, I am pretty sure they are trying to find a reason to cancel the line…

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