“License” no allowed word in Og

Neither is “allowed”, for that matter… or “word”. Anyway, in the Unexpected License Department, Firefly Games has announced an agreement with Wingnut Games to create a new edition of Og, the comedic caveman game with a limited set of words players can use. In today’s press release (see below), Firefly’s Patrick Sweeny describes Og “as an ancestor of the indie game design movement”, an apt description of the funky little RPG that keeps popping up at conventions to rave reviews from participants. Robin Laws will be taking the indie ancestor into its new evolutionary stage, which makes sense, I guess, considering his keyword method of character creation in Issaries’ Hero Wars… I’m reaching, aren’t I? In any case, the new edition of Og is expected sometime next year.

Firefly Games press release follows:

Firefly Games Licenses Og

Indianapolis, Ind. – In 2007, Firefly Games takes fans back to the prehistoric age of gaming with a licensed new edition of Og, designed and written by Robin D. Laws.

The new edition of Og, the classic comedy game of cavemen (and cavewomen) dealing with dinosaurs, limited vocabularies, and other challenges, will boast a cutting-edge ruleset redesigned from the ground up.

“Cavemen are cool, and comedy cavemen are even better,” said publisher Patrick Sweeney of Firefly Games. “I look at Og as an ancestor of the indie game design movement. It has an offbeat focus and a truly innovative core concept – playing with a severely restricted list of words – just like many modern indie games. So the chance to reinvent Og in light of the new approaches to rules design we’re seeing today is just too good to pass up.”

Wingnut Games first published Og: The Role Playing Game in 1995, with a second edition, Land of Og, appearing in 2000.

“Og is more fun than you can shake a club at!” said Aldo Ghiozzi, the original designer of Og. Ghiozzi continued, “Og fits perfectly with the Firefly Games lineup, and I can’t wait to see their evolution of the game.”

About Firefly Games
Based in California, Firefly Games publishes child- and family-friendly games providing dynamic fun for all ages. The company was founded in 2002 by industry author Patrick Sweeney, and publishes the acclaimed Monster Island series of games, among others.

Contact Patrick Sweeney at patrick@firefly-games.com for more information.

Visit Firefly Games at www.firefly-games.com

About Wingnut Games
Wingnut Games is a roleplaying company located in Brentwood, California. Wingnut Games, established in 1993, has published some of the funniest games in the paper game community, including, Battle Cattle, Land of Og and Stuperpowers! More information is available at www.wingnutgames.com.


  1. Yeah, I know. If anyone can call me on a Hero Wars overreach, ’tis you, man. 🙂

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