Perplex City board game in September

Finally found the info on this: Perplex City: The Board Game will feature fairly simple puzzles by PPC standards, Trivial Pursuit-esque gameplay (here’s hoping that play on the board gets a little more fun than that), and a $40-esque price tag according to Funagain. Neat-looking product, but it isn’t clear how it’ll key into the story given that Season 1 is in its final stages. I suppose it doesn’t have to.


  1. I didn’t look on Fun Again, but the big downside on this one is that it will only have 250 cards…

  2. Completely random speculation at Unfiction is that they have an expansion set in the wings with harder puzzles. Ability for players to dial the difficulty to where they want it is at least a plausible reason to keep the starting card set smallish. But who knows.

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