A step beyond making scene selections

I’m surprised our gamebook specialist Demian never posted about this, but then again, he’s adjusting to being a newlywed (congrats, man!): the first Choose Your Own Adventure animated DVD. This thing is being pushed hard – I keep running into online ads and TV commercials for The Abominable Snowman, which is based one of the classic interactive books. In fact, the big marketing push for the DVD has encouraged big bookstore chains like Barnes & Noble to stock up on Choose Your Own Adventure books, introducing them to a new generation of gamebook players. Now, if we can just get the Lone Wolf books stocked right next to them, we can convert more youth into the fine, upstanding gamers of tomorrow.


  1. I thought “Cave Of TIme” was the first true choose your own adventure book. Least thats how i member it from way back whenever it was….
    “The adorable snowman” is not one i remember,
    I do however remeber steve jacvkson series on choose your own adventure/solo roleplaying books, something to do with outerspace and police or something, it used 2 d6 and relied on honesty (yeah right) for the rolls (If you rolled highre then this, go to page 8…)

  2. Was it Cave of Time? Yep, I think you’re right, at least if Demian’s site (at http://www.gamebooks.org) is any indication.

    And it should also be noted that DVDs with multiple endings/story paths aren’t a new thing (there was a Dragon’s Lair adaptation, and that Scourge of Worlds D&D DVD, to name a couple). But they likely got the idea from Choose Your Own Adventure books.

    “Adorable” Snowman? That’d be a younger readers’ title. 😉

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