Settlers, Carcassonne, other board games head for Xbox Live Arcade

Via Penny Arcade, the story: Microsoft is to offer some heavy hitters of Eurogaming on the paid-downloads Xbox Live Arcade service by the end of the year. The only title announced thus far besides the big two is Alhambra, but speculation is of course running where it always runs: rampant. Also, I have no Xbox and I must scream. I wonder if these are 360 only or backward-compatible.


  1. I’m X-Box-less as well but I’m not going to loose any sleep over this. I’d rather play face-to-face and I shudder at the foul-mouthed little adolsecents I’d run into if I did decide to play online. Now… somebody go ahead and put Caylus online and I might be sorely tempted…

  2. FYI – Xbox Live Arcade, the game downloads part of Live, is 360-only. You’re gonna need to pony up if you want to play Settlers at 2 AM with 14-year-olds who can’t stop telling you that they have Wood for your Sheep and giggling.

  3. I love how everyone’s worried about how the video gamers are gonna invade Gen Con next year and give all the tabletop gamers swirlies. ‘Cause clearly, they’re the only prejudiced ones, right? *sigh*

  4. I don’t think there’s anything closet about my interest in video games that are actually good… it’s just that there aren’t any, really.

  5. “Warmer than the breast-jiggling processor in your PS2.”

    Hmmmmm…. That must be the reason the PS2 sold so well.

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