A tricorn of news items about Pirates

1) Vikings in February. I now have serious concerns about the number of factions in the game, but still: Vikings. 2) The announcement of the Quest for Davy Jones’ Gold board game completely went by me. This either means I am thick-headed or that their marketing plan for this product is not exactly Butt-Kicker Prime. It hits next month. 3) They extended that promotion where you can get the ten-masted junk Guichuan (pronounced gooey chewin’ if I have anything to say about it), and made it so you can use wrappers from any Pirates set. Nice if you like ten-masted junk, and any joke I could end on here seems kind of unnecessary.


  1. Ihave seent he ads about the board game in a number of different places, not sure what to say there. As for number of factions, you are 100% right…but VIKINGS (so you are right again).

    WK has had faction creep ever since Mage Knight…odd they never learned the lesson.

  2. I’m okay with it..I just use these ships for 7th sea..so now I finally have some Vestenmanjavenar

  3. Mike, we were hit with this yesterday. Our distributor called and asked us how much of our Horrorclix order we were planning to return. The response was “well, uh, we dunno. It isn’t two months yet.” We were then told the contents of the article you linked to above…and that made the decision pretty easy: All of it. I am really torked by this move. They “sold out” the original print run pretty quick (or did they underprint…hmm?), and now they pull this out. Lovely. Clearly they are hurting treating their business partners in such a fashion. We are back to our old policy of stocking only pirates. Sorry WK, we thought you were making some good moves. I think we were all wrong.


  4. did something happen? cause the site was extremely not working for the last few days. Just wondering, maybe it’s just an east versus west coast thing?

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