Audio Report: and so begins the post-Gen Con hangover

We recorded this exactly 24 hours before everyone went nuts over BattleLore, so I’d say it stands as a reasonable document of the doldrums where no one is anticipating anything yet but we’re done being excited about con season. But we do talk about our best-of-Gen Con picks, what Gen Con can learn from smaller cons, a couple of Xmas-season products we’re looking forward to, and a ton of Currently Playing. Come on down!


  1. I have attended many card game tournaments in my day. However, the two times I’ve been to regional cons for role-playing I had a kind of bad experience. I _hate_ being railroaded as a player, and it seems that cons frequently have railroaded RPG events.

    I’d much rather role-play as part of a regular campaign than as part of a con event.

    Card game tournaments can be really, really fun. You get to play against new opponents and that really tests your skills.

    I might be willing to go to Vericon (at Harvard) or to a fan con (like a comic or sci fi fan convention), but I think I’m only likely to go to an RPG con as an exhibitor.

    I have yet to go to a board game con, but I think that’d be a blast to try out all sorts of games that I have never played and don’t own.

  2. Tangentially, I think you totally need a list of all the titles of the intro/outro music you use on the show, with linkys if you got ’em.

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