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The famed Mix-O-Tronic, a random idea generator used to spin off game design inspirations, has returned, this time in the form of a contest. Retasked as the Mix-O-Tronic Challenge, the contest aims to create a gaming think-tank community akin to what Game Chef has built, but with a wider focus, including “innovators from every corner of the gaming world: computer, board, card, RPG and wargame aficionados”. Registration has started for the Mix-O-Tronic warm-up period, which will lead into the contest’s January 9th starting date. See the full press release below for more details.

Kuma Pageworks press release follows:

Mix-O-Tronic Challenge

Kuma Pageworks is proud to announce the Mix-O-Tronic Challenge,
a game design workshop and competition dedicated to stretching the
boundaries of role-playing game design.

Using the enigmatic Mix-O-Tronic, a random
idea generator crafted with the game designer in mind, as its
foundation, Challenge participants will work through a wide range of
exercises that will stretch the imagination and tempt the curious.
The Challenge will culminate with the Grand Challenge, a judged
competition with (currently) over $100 in prizes and the chance to
work with published game designers to create a game for the commercial

The overall aim of the Challenge is to create a community of eclectic
innovators from every corner of the gaming world: computer, board,
card, RPG and wargame aficionados are encouraged to sign up and work
together to look forward to the next generation of games.

The Official Site is open now for registration, with the first
exercise already posted to the site. The starting gun for the Grand
Challenge will sound on January 9th. Between now and then, there will
be daily warm-up design puzzles and plenty of strangeness from the
Mix-O-Tronic: The Godhead of Game Ideas.

Kuma Pageworks is also soliciting swag and the input of established
designers. In exchange for the donation of a single copy of your game
to add to the prize pool or the investment of a few hours of your
time, you can have a rotating ad on the Official Site with unlimited
impressions, along with your sponsorship noted in all future ads and
communications. If you’re interested in supporting the Challenge,
e-mail Kuma at mixotronic@gmail.com.

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