Games Workshop shuts down forums

A reader pointed out that Games Workshop has decided to shut down its internet forums as of November 15. This is considered by many gamers, both GW fans and detractors alike, to be a bad move, something which GW is quite good at making these days. At least this time it’s not much of a loss really, as the forums were moderated with an iron power glove.

Games Workshop announcement follows:

Games Workshop Forums Announcement

Games Workshop forums will be closing on Wednesday November 15. Over the last few years there has been an explosion in the number and variety of forums devoted to the Games Workshop Hobby. These range from the huge forums covering the whole Hobby to small, focussed boards dedicated to a single army. If you want to meet and chat with other hobbyists online, we recommend that you check out a variety of these forums to find one (or more!) that suits your needs. A huge selection can be found by using any of the big internet search engines. We recommend typing in the name of your favourite game (40k, WH etc), army (Eldar, Empire etc) or aspect of the hobby (GW gaming, GW painting etc) and apend ‘forum’ to the end.

We’d like to say a big thank-you to all the people who have posted on (or even just read) our forums and our special thanks go to all the volunteers who over the years have helped moderate our forums. If you need personal hobby advice, please call our hobby advisors on 0115 91 40000 or visit your nearest Games Workshop store.


  1. In truth, I don;t see it as such a big deal…they were so heavily moderated that there was almost no point in posting there. I will ask my rep, and get his thoughts…

  2. Right, that’s what I’ve heard in the past. Not much of a loss, but more proof that GW doesn’t really go out of its way to support its fans.

  3. Well, it could be that they finally gave up becasue they knew they couldn’t make people happy with whatever internal restrictions they had on their boards. Better to take a one time hit than to keep irking people on a regular basis…

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