Mongoose looks ahead to 2007

With the Thanksgiving holiday tearing through your schedule recently, you may have missed the highlights of Mongoose Publishing’s State of the Mongoose 2006 for RPGs, for miniatures, and other projects. Mongoose’s Matthew Sprange was kind enough to reveal the tidbit that sales in the USA are down 20-25%, while they’ve sharply increased in the UK. He went on to mention general plans for the company’s many product lines, which included the following:

  • RuneQuest will play host to Lankhmar, and a science fiction ruleset spin-off called SpaceQuest
  • Babylon 5 will do a big Guide to the Station box set, which I expect will involve many maps. Support products following the Lost Tales DVDs will also be forthcoming, as well as novels approved by Mr Straczynski himself.
  • Conan will get a second edition, and finally see the release of the Hyborian Bestiary
  • The Orcbusters scenario, as well as other classics, will be brought up to date for Paranoia XP. Meanwhile, the Mandatory Bonus Fun card game has an expansion in the works.

Particularly cool is the planned re-release of the original Lone Wolf gamebooks, in “director’s cut” versions that Joe Dever himself is expanding. As if that weren’t enough, Mongoose plans new gamebooks featuring Banedon, a significant supporting character in the Lone Wolf books. But more importantly, “Mr. Dever is about to commence work on gamebooks 29-32, finally rounding off the epic tale that was started so many years ago.” Outstanding.


  1. with the conan mmo comeing out in marpril or so, pumping som e blood into the conan rpg might work. I wonder how many people will be inturested in both.

    babylone 5 is sorta a dead isn’t it? Or do people play it?

    whats this about spacehack..i mean space quest:P

  2. All right, this post clearly shows someone at OgreCave is aware of Mongoose’s 2004 edition of PARANOIA. What, then, explains this weird remark in your “Twelve Gaming Gifts Under the Tree” gift guide: “Better known for shovelling out numerous d20 System supplements, as of last year Mongoose Publishing was the last publisher you would pick to bring out a new version of a 30 year old RPG classic and not make it d20.” Do you guys read your own board?

  3. Amazingly, we do; we just have numerous writers with numerous opinions. I suppose one of them may have felt that PXP fit more into the “exception that proves the rule” category.

  4. Hi Allen,

    As Mike points out, our lists are a group effort, and one of our writers felt justified in describing Mongoose as the d20 central it started out as. To my mind, that wasn’t intended as an insult, but instead points out that for many gamers, Mongoose is still strongly associated with d20. That certainly isn’t as true as it once was though, and Paranoia XP (which was on our 2004 list) helps prove your point admirably.

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