This is not a drill: Monte Cook’s World of Darkness announced

Um? This certainly has potential to be interesting – like the celebrity WoD remixes in the Requiem Chronicler’s Guide but on a much grander scale – but as a final project before retirement? To follow Ptolus? Monte Cook’s WtF is more like it. Timeframe is next summer.


  1. umm…so that what …a total of 500% total unnecessary mechanics?
    sheesh, trying one combat in vampires took a whole night of game play, ugh

  2. Uh, more like OC commentors, now with 300% more totally unnecessary, vaguely rude hyperbole.

    Talk about prejudging a product, people. I don’t know if Monte Cook ran over your dogs or what. Your comments might amount to more if you were actually judging a, you know, finished product.

    Objectivity – it’s not just for scientists anymore.

    I agree with Mike though – it seems a pretty big final project to pull after Ptolus.

    I think Monte does very good work, so I’m certainly interested in hearing more.

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