Perplex City season 1 really, really over

Yeah, you know the Cube, right? The one that’s worth 200 grand? Some English guy found it.

[This exciting account of the find doesn’t quite explain how the general area to search in was deduced, but once it was, the solve essentially came down to one card. A common, even. Also, cards for Season 2 have been solicited to retailers.]


  1. ok, i hurd you guys talk a bit about htis game and i think you mentioned some sort of san fransisco event, or atleast a north america event. Was this connected with the box in england. So they only had one box in the world, and it was in a hole at some tree infested park in england. You’d think they’d at lewast have one per continent.
    (It seems a bit far to gamble on. If you live in england it’s not such a shlep)

  2. Well, the cube does have “Cube 2/3” engraved on it, so maybe Season 2 will have us hunting down more. But given the primary focus of the game’s special events and card distribution, it’s no surprise the cube was found in the UK. (Also given that the reward essentially made the game a sweepstakes, and there are legal strictures around such things – Mind Candy is a UK-based company after all.)

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