Reaper announces pre-painted plastic figs sold non-collectibly

That little noise you just heard was the sound a tiny, faraway shark makes when D&D Minis jumps right the hell over it. Or we could be wrong, and D&D Minis could actually have a life beyond DMs who buy and trade for the figures they really want. I guess we’ll find out in June.


  1. IMHO, no shark is getting jumped until that box says Dungeons and Dragons on the side.

  2. Finally. This is all I’ve ever wanted. Cheap hordes of pre-painted plastic orcs and other cannon fodder.

  3. Jesus… finally. If distributed right, I think will be very successful– I know I’ll be interested.

  4. OMW! FINALLY! I’ve been waiting for this for years. I just want minis for our D&D games and refuse to buy cases of D&D minis just to get figures to use in our games. Its about time someone did this. If they are smart they’ll put them on black bases that look similar to D&D minis and probably make a killing on all those players like me that just want fodder for the table.

  5. You mean I can stop buying the Chinese crap from WoTC…and now buy Taiwanese crap from Reaper! Oh Joy of Joys!

  6. FYI:

    20001_____ Skeleton Swordsmen (3) $ 5.79
    20002_____ Skeleton Archers (3) $ 5.79
    20003_____ Skeleton Spearmen (3) $ 5.79
    20004_____ Skeleton Swordsman $ 1.99
    20005_____ Skeleton Archer $ 1.99
    20006_____ Skeleton Spearman $ 1.99
    20007_____ Orc Warriors with Scimitars (3) $ 6.99
    20008_____ Orc Archers (3) $ 6.99
    20009_____ Orc Spearmen (3) $ 6.99
    20010_____ Orc Warrior with Scimitar $ 2.49
    20011_____ Orc Archer $ 2.49
    20012_____ Orc Spearman $ 2.49
    20013_____ Cave Troll $ 3.99
    20014_____ Ogre Chieftain $ 4.99
    20015_____ Minotaur of the Maze $ 5.99

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