Reaper announces pre-painted plastic figs sold non-collectibly

That little noise you just heard was the sound a tiny, faraway shark makes when D&D Minis jumps right the hell over it. Or we could be wrong, and D&D Minis could actually have a life beyond DMs who buy and trade for the figures they really want. I guess we’ll find out in June.


  1. Finally. This is all I’ve ever wanted. Cheap hordes of pre-painted plastic orcs and other cannon fodder.

  2. Jesus… finally. If distributed right, I think will be very successful– I know I’ll be interested.

  3. OMW! FINALLY! I’ve been waiting for this for years. I just want minis for our D&D games and refuse to buy cases of D&D minis just to get figures to use in our games. Its about time someone did this. If they are smart they’ll put them on black bases that look similar to D&D minis and probably make a killing on all those players like me that just want fodder for the table.

  4. You mean I can stop buying the Chinese crap from WoTC…and now buy Taiwanese crap from Reaper! Oh Joy of Joys!

  5. FYI:

    20001_____ Skeleton Swordsmen (3) $ 5.79
    20002_____ Skeleton Archers (3) $ 5.79
    20003_____ Skeleton Spearmen (3) $ 5.79
    20004_____ Skeleton Swordsman $ 1.99
    20005_____ Skeleton Archer $ 1.99
    20006_____ Skeleton Spearman $ 1.99
    20007_____ Orc Warriors with Scimitars (3) $ 6.99
    20008_____ Orc Archers (3) $ 6.99
    20009_____ Orc Spearmen (3) $ 6.99
    20010_____ Orc Warrior with Scimitar $ 2.49
    20011_____ Orc Archer $ 2.49
    20012_____ Orc Spearman $ 2.49
    20013_____ Cave Troll $ 3.99
    20014_____ Ogre Chieftain $ 4.99
    20015_____ Minotaur of the Maze $ 5.99

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