BattleLore gets epic, then flexible

Okay, so, we slept on this a little – in part because the first portion, the Epic BattleLore expansion that’ll open the game up to 6 players at a time, was expected. But this Call to Arms business is entirely intriguing, offering an alternate card-based army deployment system. It’ll hit in April for $20, whereas the Epic stuff will hit this month online, so register those back-of-the-booklet codes if you haven’t.

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  1. DoW can do no wrong.

    I own just about every game they’ve ever put out (with the exception of Terra) and they’re all great games but I love what they’re doing with BattleLore – this card set will keep the main game versatile for those of us who don’t want to or can’t rush right out and pick up the expansions and add in a very welcome extra level of tactical strategy.

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