Transformers card-model game for summer: Wizards transforms into me-too company

I think this news might make me a little sad. Not because a Transformers CSG is something I don’t want to see in the world – I’m fine with it, I think card models that can “transform” will sometimes be pretty neat, and I am especially hoping they don’t design out the possibility of just using your Transformer collection to play instead – but I guess I was into the idea that, with Hecatomb and Dreamblade, WotC was at least trying to lead instead of follow. This feels like a following product to me… in announcement form, anyway. Really, it’s all in the game design, so, as I always have to say, we’ll wait and see. Just 26 figures, two per pack; hits in June. (Yeah, I don’t want to hear about how D&D Minis was me-too. There was a clearer need for it than there is for this.)