Introducing Planet Story Games

So I did this thing.

I’ve long heard complaints from folks that the forums that are the epicenter of the story-gaming community are too hard to be a part of, and it wasn’t even that long ago that I felt that way myself. The weblogs and LiveJournals of the community are often a better, clearer (and nearly always jargon-free, if you care) way to read its pulse; blogs, however, are scattered all over the place and difficult to find, let alone follow.

Couple hours dorking around with the Planet software, and problem solved. Hope you enjoy. Please suggest some more feeds I could add if you think of any.


  1. Looks great! It’s obviously a mix of both the craft of story games and discussion about published story games, but after only a few minutes looking at entries I found a few interesting posts about craft.

    Any chance you can link to the Planet software as well?

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