Audio Report: Games Expo, card models, and dragon junk

The complete rundown on this year’s trade events, past and future, plus the twin announcements of what we used to sort of call “constructible strategy games” for June, are the meat of this show. Fans of Currently Playing have a ton of mini-reviews to chew on as well. Also, check our amazing turnaround.


  1. Guys, thanks for the shout out. I’ll happily oblige with reports on any place I attend that the Cave staff can’t make it to. Let me know if you have a rep going to GTS. We’ll be there too.

    Regarding GENCON Trade Day — if that had been announced earlier we would have saved our money on Games Expo. For publishers and retailers alike that’s definitely a cheap way to go, you don’t have to buy booth space twice or pay for air travel twice. Nice idea.

    ACD and Alliance/Diamond have smaller regional shows for retailers in places like Fort Worth and Baltimore that are only for publishers that those distributors carry products for. I’ve NEVER seen any major industry press about these things, and while they seem well attended, you only really hear about them by looking at ads in industry trade publications

    I think that the industry trade shows ought to let in alpha gamers who are willing to fly to them. In the evening there are lots of scheduled and free gaming that would appeal to non-retailer gamers, and during the day there’s a great chance to snag free products/swag and to demo games. I think more bloggers and alpha gamers ought to get a chance to attend these insider events. Games Expo was much more open in that way, and it really attracted a lot of amateur game designers to show up and ask questions.

    Re: Games Expo Gametown: a largely black 2 dimensional wooden cityscape backdrop with bits of white and yellow here and there for color to make the windows “pop”. OK, this backdrop is like 36′ long and runs east to west (so that vendors can setup booths on both the north and south faces which look like mirror images of each other). Each exhibitor space is 8′ deep, carpeted uniformly, 6′ wide, with an attractive sign, and a bistro table for demonstrations.

    No curtains in between. No constraining spaces. All open with evenly spaced tables. The backdrop and the carpet gave the whole thing a uniform feel. Since the Games Publishers Assn. was represented en masse there, the uniformity was deserved. The GPA wants to continue to have little game villages or associated destination
    spaces which look and feel like the spaces of the big publishers (like WotC), but are, in fact, collectives of smaller game publishers working together. Expect over the next year or two for the GPA to move first from being scattered, to more collected at conventions, and within 18 or so months, the GPA may have claimed its space at GENCON to be a destination. That’s everyone’s hope. Gametown was sort of the first experiment in that direction, to give small publishers a good space that they could afford.

    I’ll probably have another comment or two when I’ve finished listening to the show.

    Re: my ogre stats — 6’0″, 219 pounds, and as for other stats, my wife says she’ll vouch that I’m “ogre-sized”. I’m just not mountainous like the Sugarbaker boys.

    Take care folks.

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