Underestimate the pretty collectible horses at your peril

I told you not to count Hidden City Games out; they’re now the exclusive licensor outside of Scandinavia for a product called Bella Sara. What on Earth’s that, you ask? Why, it’s “an imaginative, joyful world of horses, where every girl is special and uniquely beautiful! Horse cards can be collected, traded with friends and used to play fun card games. Each horse has a positive message for you to discover. Every card also has an activation code, which you can enter on this website to put your horses online in your very own stable.”

If that sounds like a miss to you, you obviously haven’t heard of Webkinz, wherein a Canadian plush-doll company gives kids online versions of the dolls they buy, has sold two million of them in two years, and has to put specific measures into their online games to stop kids from playing them constantly. And it’s not like they’re great looking dolls, either. I can’t remember who I saw online recently saying that a My Little Pony RPG was WotC/Hasbro’s biggest missed opportunity; if Bella Sara can take off stateside, maybe a My Little Pony CCG would follow suit? (Or even a card-model game, although removable heads might not be advisable.)


  1. A local distributor says these are flying off his shelves, selling to small gift-shops and collectibles type stores. Not comic store, but places that sell hummels, etc.

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