Magnamund tourist season nearly open again

As promised last year, the Lone Wolf gamebooks, a popular entry point into roleplaying for many nostalgic gamers, are returning this September thanks to Mongoose Publishing. Original series author Joe Dever has expanded and updated the 28 original books, which Mongoose will release in both paperback and hardbound collector’s editions (now you can choose not just your adventure path, but your level of buy-in). The the fabled, yet-unwritten final four gamebooks in the series are finally due as part of the series’ return, as are Lone Wolf novels. The Darklords start things off with their strike on the Kai Monastery when Lone Wolf 1: Flight From the Dark – Collector’s Ed hits at the end of July for $19.95.

Mongoose Publishing press release follows:

Lone Wolf is Back!
Launched in the 80’s, the Lone Wolf series of gamebooks quickly became firm favourites among a growing fan base. Alone among the gamebooks of their day, Lone Wolf was the only one to feature a cohesive and exciting world, and an extended campaign in which your character could grow and expand as he travelled through all 28 books of the original series.

Prepare to return to the world of Magnamund. The original gamebooks are being revised and updated with additional storylines, quests and adventures, together with stunning new artwork. The series kicks off with Flight From the Dark, now weighing in at a massive 450 pages. No longer left for dead at the Kai Monastery, Lone Wolf has to fight his way clear to raise the alarm.

Subsequent books have all been revised with new material. The first of the new Lone Wolf gamebooks will appear in your local book stores in September 2007 – however, hardbound Collector’s Copies will be available, only direct from Mongoose Publishing, at the end of July. Together, they form a superb looking and durable archive of the adventures of Lone Wolf.

You can pick and choose which Lone Wolf adventures to join in on as the gamebooks are released every 6-8 weeks. Or you can sign up for one of the
greatest fantasy campaigns ever – if you buy every Collector’s Edition of the new Lone Wolf gamebooks (whether individually or as part of our Magnamund Mega-deal), you will also be sent, absolutely free, special Collector’s Editions of the new Lone Wolf novels, starting with the Agarashi and Lencian Trilogies later this year.

All 28 of the original Lone Wolf gamebooks are being updated in this new series, but that is not all. Penned specially by Joe Dever, watch out for the final four, never before released gamebooks, numbered 29-32.

For more information, please see:

Matthew Sprange

Mongoose Publishing


  1. Did you see the “Mega-deal” thing for all the Lone Wolf stuff? $599!! Holy crap!

    Cool books though, and I did love the series. Maybe I could skip paying rent just this once…

  2. Wonder if the binding will be as awesome on these as they were for Battlefield Evolution…

  3. i was wondering where “and cub” was, but this seems to be a different “lone wolf” then the one i know.

  4. Must be before your time, timopod.

    I remembered playing those gamebooks in my high school days, where mullets live on scalps and tube top and big hair are normal high school dress code. 😉

  5. Great gamebooks. At the time (mid 80s), they were arguably the best roleplay-like option when a fellow couldn’t find other players. Now that World of Warcraft and other MMOs exist, there’s always other players available, if only virtually. But at the time, a roleplayer without his buddies was hard pressed to find a better alternative.

  6. oh i know about game books, I owned and played that steve jackson space one…forgot the name. I just lived in an area with only one store that I knew of that sold anything like this and I wasn’t into gameing then. Book form entertainment was of the mad-libs nature, yuk yuk…

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