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Crunch-Waffle Enterprises, known for their nifty miniatures, just let us know about a new free download to check out. Extra Terrae Crepusculum (aka Beyond the Twilight Worlds) is a set of miniatures skirmish rules that uses three six-sided dice, some minis, and the free PDF rules to tailor war parties to their best effect. Have a look.


  1. Folks if you haven’t seen how nice the Crunch Waffle miniatures are once they are painted you’ve missed on out a little something special in your gaming life. Our company, Veritas Games Company, had a booth next to these guys at GTS and they do spectacular work. I mentioned them back in my post-GTS report for the Ogre Cave. I liked the fact that they had three categories of minis: standard fantasy, historical, and whimsical fantasy. Something for everyone at Crunch-Waffle. If I get a chance to get the low down on their skirmish rules I’ll post a blurb here. Thanks to the cave for a heads up on this.

  2. Hey Lee,

    Thank’s for the coverage you gave us. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help explain our new Skirmish Game.

    Dan Wall

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