1. Can I edit and format comments (like using boldfaces and italics, and making corrections after posting)?

  2. That’s okay. I’m already in my advanced stage of edit cancer, something most game companies … won’t name names … should develop.

  3. The feed should be redirecting properly, but it may depend on the specific URL you have in your feed reader. I’ll investigate this. Thanks for the heads up.

  4. What about just stabbing us all in the eyes and being done with it?

    Seriously, if there’s a specific thing you want to accomplish, let’s talk about that specifically. Beyond that, try stuff and let us know if it doesn’t work and you need it to.

  5. Just a note – the new site broke my RSS feed as well. I’ve entered the new link and it works like a charm.

  6. “What about just stabbing us all in the eyes…?”

    Don’t tempt me, Frodo. 😉

  7. Podcasts should be flowing again shortly, and now that my access to the new blog software works, reviews will have an overhaul and get better integration into the main site. So, there you have it. Sorry about the funky problems of late.

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