True Dungeon gets yet more competition: get your Aliens on at Origins

And now here’s TerrorWerks, “a fully immersive event” set in “the immersive enviroment of a massive space station.” Also, it’s immersive. But I kid! I am psyched to see more attempts at this. I don’t think I ever posted properly about this other thing at Gen Con, either: “Guardian 6 is an immersive live-action event in which you take on the mantle of an agent working for a secret agency. As a secret agent you will be sent on missions that will take you to different locations where you will interact with mysterious individuals.” Different locations, eh? It’ll be cool to see if distributing the event makes it more immersive or less… and my ARG experience tells me to bet on more.


  1. I think people have come to associate LARP with a lack of structure and gameplay. They’re wrong, but whatever. Certainly I think we could say that LARP has more latitude for players to add fictional content to the game (even if many ongoing LARPs seem organized around nothing ever really happening), whereas these True Dungeon-esques put the gameplay elsewhere.

  2. I could be wrong, but i don’t think true dungeon has a rock paper scissors method for game resolution.

    Actualy, as a kid back in the early 80’s. I mekmber hearing about live action d and d. Anyone know anything about this, I guess it was part of d and d camp or something.

  3. I got a chance to play Terrorworks, and it was so fun, we got to were flak vests and helmets, got to shoot at some NPC createures with airsoft, interact with this crazy doctor in the Med bay, who finally got eaten by a winged alien thing, and zombies popped from behind boxes and blind angles. I was so much fun for a reasonable price. Not a real set, I think they used black curtains and trashbags for walls, but the set up was great, and my friends and me had a lot of fun

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