Halo miniatures big as housepets

July 27th, 2007: Allan Sugarbaker says...
Halo miniatures big as housepets

Well, this one is, anyway. WizKids is obviously going whole-Warthog into the Halo ActionClix CMG, as proven by the recent press release and photos from the San Diego ComicCon. That Scarab figure, the big, menacing convention exclusive for this year’s round of shows, is far too big to be in a miniatures game. I mean, where would you keep it?

We’ve still got over a month until the game’s September release, at which point “Series One will have more than 80 pieces, including Hunter Combat Pack, Warthog Pack and Banshee Pack. Packs include exclusive Halo 3 preview content. The series also features two main booster pack varieties – a $10 pack (4 game figures, 4 stat cards, 2 die, rules and map) and an $11 pack ( 5-figure blind pack with 5 figures, 5 stat cards, rules and map).”

All I know is, the first gamer to run a sprawling Aliens versus Halo Spartans battle, wins.


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