Audio Report – Conventions, awards, and sundry

In our latest show, Mike, Chris and I talk of things that came from Origins ’07. That leads to the Origins Awards, rambles into discussion of the ENnies, of our upcoming 2007 Ogre’s Choice Awards, and several other things along the way. This time, we’re wondering what you’d nominate for the Ogre’s Choice, so let us know your picks in the comments below, and watch the winners to be announced soon.


  1. Hi.

    I like Battleground Fantasy Warfare very much, even if I can’t get to play it very often. And, please, don’t hate Muchkin that much. It’s a nice game that helps keep SJG in the black and we all want that, don’t we?

    Fluxx, btw, already has a few thematic variants and I’ll certainly check Zombie Fluxx when it comes out. The easiest way to awesomify something is adding zombies!

    I won’t bother providing my favorites for the OCA now, so you better come up with good ones! :p

    Great show!

  2. Hey, I think as a deputy Ogre I should be given a trailblazer award or something. I think I was the one who brought Battleground to the Cave’s attention, and my recommendation was greeted with much skepticism at the time. 🙂

    There was much hooting and hollering about how a wargame with cards was missing the point, etc. The Ogre Cave seemed to warm to the game after it won an industry award. But at least one of your long time listeners brought it to your attention.

    Chris, how’s that game sell for you?

    On another point, how likely is it that the Star Wars constructible game breaks. I found lots of Pirates stuff I’ve been given breaks when you put it together — the pieces are not always well engineered to fit together cleanly.

    How much variety are you seeing in the card components (since those are the meat of the strategic variance from game to game, if I understand things correctly)?

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