Cthulhu dice coming from Q-workshop

Normally we don’t post about unusual dice, but these are just cool (and may provoke a SAN check). To quote the Q-workshop website: “Cthulhu Fhtagn ! The stars will be right in September, as Q-workshop and Chaosium Inc. unleash the Cthulhu Dice upon the mortal world. Available in all standard designs and color schemes, these dice will be a great asset to all servants of Great Old Ones.” The dice are pictured here if you think your mortal mind can withstand perceiving them. As with most announcements this time of year, these will be available at Gen Con Indy (booth 924).


  1. If I hear another SAN joke referenced with CoC content I will start demanding people to put a penny in the cliche-jar. 😉

  2. I just went ahead and dumped my pocket change into the post office tote at Chaosium, back when I worked next door. You know, the one full of graveyard soil, for their special… ceremonies.

    So yeah, I’ve still got credit left. 😉

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