Halo ActionClix ties into videogame preorders

August 14th, 2007: Allan Sugarbaker says...
Halo ActionClix ties into videogame preorders

According to this ICv2 story, Sunday marked the start of a Halo ActionClix promotion at Target stores. Target customers who preorder Halo 3 will receive an exclusive pair of figures, Master Chief and Elite, though it’s unclear if these will be uniquely marked/powered. The Halo ActionClix game launches a week before Halo 3, which might be enough time to lure in some fanatical videogamers that need some sort of Halo fix to tide them over… if they were made available ahead of the Xbox 360 title’s September 25th release, which it doesn’t seem they will. In related news, WizKids just posted the Halo ActionClix rules PDF for anyone that’s chomping at the bit.

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