Audio Report – 2007 Ogre’s Choice Awards

Despite my extra hours at work, the editing’s finally complete on our latest OgreCave Audio Report. Our first episode ever with all four regulars, we close out the Gen Con ’06 – Gen Con ’07 product year with our second annual Ogre’s Choice Awards. Now, keep in mind that we recorded this before all D&D 4th Edition announcement hoopla, so you can see how our predictions stack up against the info WotC has managed to get out to the world.


  1. Great show, guys. Gotta agree – Battlelore deserves the best boardgame award. But Cash and Guns should’ve got more love. Keep it up!

  2. Ca$h n Gun$ and To Court the King are definitely over the line into boardgames for me. Maybe it isn’t a useful distinction anymore, and the categories ought to be short boardgame and long boardgame?

  3. Agreed, the distinction between card game and boardgame is well and thoroughly blurred, especially by games with card-like tiles. We’ll have to consider what defines each of these categories before next year, and see if any revisions are warranted.

  4. I almost think “Star Wars Pocketmodel” should be in the card games category. If you think about the layout, it looks a lot like “Yu Gi Oh”. You have your bases nearest you, then defending ships, then attacking ships.

    I almost wish it was on cards. We would get 10 or 15 units per pack instead of 2-4.

    The models are awesome, though.

  5. Hey,

    I love Siege of the Citadel, the greatest boardgame for killing stuff I’ve played… legend says Space Hulk is better, but I’ve never even seen it…

    BTW, do you know why GW insists in reprinting Talisman but haven’t got around to reprint Space Hulk?

    Great show kids!

  6. Siege of the Citadel is am underrated classic, the processes of which are now imitated by a host of games.

  7. No one knows why GW doesn’t reprint Space Hulk. Next to Talisman, it’s one of the all-time most popular boardgame titles GW has produced. There was a PlayStation game adaptation – which faithfully made use of most of the original missions, but had awkward controls – and I believe there were plans for a cellular enabled version, but I don’t know if that version ever made it to market.

  8. I have been told by people at GW, a reprint of Space Hulk isn’t coming entirely due to cost. They don’t want to print it in high volume, because they don’t have confidence they can sell copies in the 5 figures, and if they print it as a boutique run, they will have to charge oddles for it.

    My sneaking suspicion is that they also dont want to devalue the Terminator and Genestealer models…which by themselves retail for about $160-ish if you do 10 termies and 20 genestealers….

    Then again, with all the awesome tiles out there now a days, who needs their version of it…

  9. Hmmm,

    Yeah, that’s a poor excuse. Also, beside tiles, they could go with slightly smaller minis. A shame really, as I would be really interested in a Space Hulk reprint.

    I’d also be interested in a Dragon Archive-like compilation of the early White Dwarf magazine, but that’s even less likely.

    I never get away with anything. 🙁

  10. Most Influential award to Gaming Podcasts – HELL YEAH!
    We all felt the marked difference this year at Gen Con. For the most part, we were treated as legitimate part of the press, given the same amount of access and attention as a print magazine or other news source, and just plainly taken seriously. There is still ground to be covered; some publishers and other segments of the industry need to understand the power we wield and how we need to work together, but it is happening. We just gotta keep making awesome shows.

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