Rackham files for fancy European bankruptcy

Tabletop Gaming News reports that Rackham, publishers of AT-43 and Confrontation, is under “legal protection,” which is how they say Chapter 11 in Europe apparently. Here’s a PDF press release and another PDF about this whole legal-protection thing if you’re curious. (I guess “PDF,” similarly, is European for “web page.”) This certainly sheds new light on their recently announced partnership with Fantasy Flight (again with the PDF).


  1. Should I cry now or wait until the end?

    In all seriousness, has anyone gotten word on the implications to their already questionable approach to product distribution?

  2. My thoughts exactly Chris. If they stay in business I’ll get new factions, books, etc., and if they go out of business I should be able to pick up sizeable armies for the three current factions at clearance prices. My group will still play the game in either case.

  3. The game is great and I also just got into it Tom :P, but should we realy stay in it when they can’t keep up with demand now? I have been to several retailers in my area and can’t even get a copy of the rule book.

  4. The limited information I have is this:

    The rest of the Red Block are done and working their way thru distribution
    The Monkies and board tiles are already in production and the plan is to ship for Christmas. They will have a new US distribution center (Jan-Feb’08) (I heard something about the US Center being owned by FF which will help both companies US distribution). We will see how this affects US sales of both lines (as retailers will get bigger discounts (’08) and will want to push the games) the projection is to have the next set of terrain, production of the next race (5th)(don’t know the name and any racial info is all rumor at this point), and info about the 6th race by April.

    Remember folks Protection is so that you can continue to expand without having your creditors coming in and taking your stuff

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