1. “Entirely,” okay. But it’s still worth mentioning the old licensed FASA RPG of Masters of the Universe, which had 8 or 12 pages of comic-book rules. Then there were a few pages of text at the back, which is why your statement is technically correct. (The XXXenophile trading card game also had half its rules in comic-book form.)

    That was an odd game — intended as an introductory RPG for ages 10-12; yet I, at that time a college graduate with two bachelor’s degrees, and a professional game editor with extensive roleplaying experience, found the rules completely incomprehensible.

  2. Well, the preview is only 8 pages, so I can’t prove that there isn’t reference text in the back or something. But it’s always worth mentioning when an RPG publisher tries to target new gamers and fails horribly!

  3. The Order of the Stick boardgame tried to do a quickstart rulebook in comic form, but didn’t even explain a full game, and kept sending the reader to the main rulebook. Another awkward attempt at comic book rules, overall.

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