New Crossbows & Catapults: The art of flinging battle carroms

Since it didn’t have the same endless barrage of Saturday morning commercials that the original game had, the latest incarnation of Crossbows & Catapults, a joyous game of disk-flinging combat, managed to sneak into Target and other major stores unseen by my circle of gaming buddies. It was only while cruising through the store for other purposes that I spotted Battleground: Crossbows & Catapults from Australian company Moose Enterprise. Boasting Orcs and Knights instead of Vikings and Barbarians, this new version’s already beckoning to my gamer nostalgia with its War Chest base set and two expansions (with more on the way). Not that I don’t still have the original game that I crack open from time to time, mind you. But as this comparison gallery shows, the components got an upgrade. We don’t even have to use the word “carrom” anymore, as the kids these days prefer “Attack Disc”. Sometimes change is a good thing.


  1. Sure, just tempt me some more. I’ve already had enough trouble resisting the urge to buy the new edition. I suspect that by the end of October I will have cracked and grabbed at least one of everything.

  2. I already bought two of the expansion packs. I must say they look pretty cool, but the blocks don’t seem like they will protect your fortifications very well like the originals did, but the flinging power of the weapons is a lot less also if you use the rubber bands that they provide. I grew up with the originals and still have the entire set plus some. I am excited to see it return and I like the idea of making it orcs vs knights. I’m off to buy the full set!

  3. My friend picked this up about a week ago. We used to play the oldschool one when we were younger- About one week later, we now collectively own all the expansions (avoid the gattling gun/double crossbow- not good) and are considering purchasing a few extra master kits for the ultimate C&C war. It says 6+ on the box and we’re like 24. Theres just something innately thrilling about flinging discs across a battlefield.

  4. I am so impressed with Battlefront. The whole game was given a great makeover. I love everything from the fun cartoony artwork to the stylised minatures, and themed armies. I can’t wait to get my hands on the Human Trebuchet and the Double Crossbow.

    I grew up playing the original with my brother in my late teens, and now that I am 30 I love sharing the fun, and excitment with my 6 year old son.

    As an illustrator and game designer it is great to see a small Australian company take on the challenge of re-creating the game flawlessly. Way to go Mosse Enterprises!

  5. Just bought the set and a few expansions for my 6 year old son. I’m 33. I just hope he enjoys it as much as I used to. Good gaming all!!!!


  6. i just got this game and i tried it with my 5 year old and he loves it,
    i had the oldschool on when i was younger and i wish i still had the sxpansions from back then
    the battering ram and dragon i remember in two instances, were both sold seperately
    what were some of the other sets you could get?

  7. There were also the towers that basically had catapults mounted behind them, and the pair of giants that held the carroms over their heads with both hands. I never tracked that one down, personally.

  8. The new game is awesome. It has great detail with the new weapons and pieces, but the rules are pretty poorly written.

    It’s best to limit the hero’s movements to camp only, otherwise this character can be rushed with a crossbow, and even in taking the 1 action penalty for the hero being knocked off, since the rules allow his replacement to where he was before, he can easily wipe out the other team one action at a time.

    Best Regards

  9. I loved the original version as a child. my parents ended up buying two sets of everything so we could all play we even painted two sets one was red one was black so that there were four teams. Oh man the fun i am still to get this updated version but i am glad the Australian company took the challenge coz i have been looking for it for ages after accidentally throwing out the old sets during ahouse move.

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