New Crossbows & Catapults: The art of flinging battle carroms

September 14th, 2007: Allan Sugarbaker says...
New Crossbows & Catapults: The art of flinging battle carroms

Since it didn’t have the same endless barrage of Saturday morning commercials that the original game had, the latest incarnation of Crossbows & Catapults, a joyous game of disk-flinging combat, managed to sneak into Target and other major stores unseen by my circle of gaming buddies. It was only while cruising through the store for other purposes that I spotted Battleground: Crossbows & Catapults from Australian company Moose Enterprise. Boasting Orcs and Knights instead of Vikings and Barbarians, this new version’s already beckoning to my gamer nostalgia with its War Chest base set and two expansions (with more on the way). Not that I don’t still have the original game that I crack open from time to time, mind you. But as this comparison gallery shows, the components got an upgrade. We don’t even have to use the word “carrom” anymore, as the kids these days prefer “Attack Disc”. Sometimes change is a good thing.


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