The magic is in the hole: Project Donut semi-unveiled

It has been revealed that Peter Adkison-backed Hidden City Games, publisher of Clout Fantasy and US license holder of Pony Crack, has commissioned Burning Empires designer/publisher Luke Crane and InSpectres and Lacuna creator Jared Sorenson to create… well, probably an RPG, right? Except for there’s this page that leads to one of those things that would be an ARG if it had a budget, and given Hidden City’s involvement, this game is going to have a budget for some value of “budget”… and since this project was apparently kicked off by a game of the notoriously ARG-leaning Lacuna, well… even if this didn’t look to be the first major commercial surfacing of story-games design, I’d put money on its being pretty interesting.


  1. On RPG.NET when RPG.NET member “Claudius” asked “This isn’t another ARG, is it?”, Luke Crane said “It’s not, Claudius.” I just Googled up that information while I was trying to figure out the acronym ARG.

    Maybe that helps somebody. Several people reported having already playtested a beta edition but being stuck under non-disclosure for the time being.

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