Raw Deal CCG calls it quits

November 15th, 2007: Allan Sugarbaker says...
Raw Deal CCG calls it quits

For the more CCG inclined, it may be worthwhile to note the imminent passing of Comic Images’ Raw Deal, the WWE CCG that’s been going strong for seven years. The company will cease publishing the game at the end of December, due to decreased consumer interest. The words “raw deal” always made me think of an Iron Chef CCG, but yeah, I may be alone in that regard, I know.

Comic Images press release follows:


After more than 7 years, numerous expansions and thousands of cards, Comic Images will cease publication of Raw Deal as of December 31, 2007, as the WWE and Comic Images mutually decided to end the game due to a declining interest in Raw Deal.

While many have played a part in the success of Raw Deal, we would like to take this opportunity to particularly thank the following: the WWE, who provided all the support a Licensee could ask for; all the distributors and retailers that stood behind Raw Deal from day one; Mike Foley and Barron Vangor Toth, the co-developers of Raw Deal; all the playtesters, who provided a steady stream of logical, insightful comments and, most of all, the players who made Raw Deal the success that it was.

Hank Rose
Alan Gordon

* Please note that in the very near future, we will post information regarding the world championship, tournament kits and try to answer any other questions that arise.


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