Ready… set… buy gifts!

The turkey isn’t even carved yet, and sales are springing up all over. We’ll have our annual OgreCave Christmas Gift Guide up after a last edit and the requisite holiday feasting [EDIT: Now available!], but in the meantime, here’s a few places to start looking for deals:

  • Any fan of legendary fantasy artist Larry Elmore should check out his .
  • Paizo Publishing has a new on their site, currently featuring a ton of .
  • Goodman Games has grab bag goodness.

…and that’s just what I found without looking around much. If you find other sales going on this weekend, post ’em here to get the word out. Oh, and lest we forget, happy Thanksgiving, and happy gaming!


  1. Green Ronin’s sale contains some great products. Definitely worth checking out just for the Mythic Vistas titles, let alone the classic Freeport material. Oodles and ooodles of good gaming material at ridiculously low prices.

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