State of the Mongoose ’07: aggressive and hungry

November 28th, 2007: Allan Sugarbaker says...
State of the Mongoose ’07: aggressive and hungry

For everyone’s safety, we try to keep tabs on any snake-eating mammals lurking nearby, and come to grips with what Mongoose Publishing plans to unleash on gamers in the year ahead. The traditional State of the Mongoose address was posted today, this time as a temporary forum, and so far, we’ve learned the following:

  • Signs & Portents may be coming back to print form.
  • There are tentative plans to release a D&D 4e compatible RPG setting.
  • Traveller will move closer to being the go-to sci-fi system for Mongoose, receiving Strontium Dog and Starship Troopers books, and likely Babylon 5 and Judge Dredd books as well.
  • RuneQuest may get a new license to power, one “based on the novels of an author known for his historical work”. Books on Ducks, Samurai, Vikings, and the Empire of Wyrm’s Friends will also be forthcoming.
  • Mongoose miniatures “will be returning to pre-paints, though it will not be until the end of 2008 at the earliest, and more likely 2009. We will also likely be doing it in collaboration with another company, but more on that later.”
  • A Call to Arms may get applied to another licensed setting, “one that will feature some awesome space battles, spread across several different fleets. Even though it uses the same rules as the current CTA, this game will play very, very differently.”
  • Victory at Sea will get WW I and American Civil War versions next year, and probably an “age of sail edition”, either Napoleonic era or pirates.
  • Battlefield Evolution will return Q2 ’08 as multiple new games, all compatible with the original. Said games “will all be based on the varied products of our new partner-to-be”, who are only referred to as “a bunch of guys in a far off country”. Most of these will be unpainted metal figures.
  • Starship Troopers miniatures will return Summer ’08, finally out of Hollywood licensing debate limbo.
  • The Lone Wolf gamebook series will finally be completed after all these years, as original author Joe Dever “is due to start work on books 29-32”. Plans for Lone Wolf novels still hover in the wings.

There’s plenty more announcements and hints stirred into the address, so be sure to look for yourself. After a four month break early this year to set up an in-house printing facility, you can bet Mongoose plans to take full advantage of its new capabilities in 2008.


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