2007 OgreCave Christmas Gift Guide – pt 4

Just under the wire, the final installment of the 2007 OgreCave Christmas Gift Guide is here. This final list is our traditional “Eleventh Hour Special” – that is, downloadable gift suggestions, cutting that all-inhibiting shipping time delay right out of the equation. Only hours remain until folks start opening gifts, so have a look, and quickly download a gift or two, if you have the need.

That wraps up this year’s OgreCave Christmas Gift Guide (pun not intended, and stubbornly ignored). If you’re still stuck for ideas, feel free to peruse our lists from years past, our Ogre’s Choice Awards lists, or listening in on a few episodes of the OgreCave Audio Report. There, I’ve run out of things to shamelessly plug, so I’m off to bed. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!