Audio Report – Trends and microclimates

‘Tis the post season to be catching up, so here goes: another refugee from the holiday season, this Audio Report episode brings us back to the height of the season’s buying rush, just after Black Friday. Steve’s mind seems to have held up to the retail store pressure, but just barely. The differences between national regions, and even local retail areas, come into play during our discussions of current trends in consumer desires. We’re all over the map in Currently Playing, but both Mike and Allan have paid special attention to Portal, of all things. Have a listen, and tell us what you think.


  1. Zombies sold 100,000+ of its base, English language release, not including translations or expansions. It’s got huge sales. I never would have guessed it had that kind of market penetration.


  2. Hmmm… I actually can believe it. I bought my first copy of Zombies back when it was published by Journeyman. Diamond carried it and I bought it from their monthly Previews catalog (back when I was buying tons of comics). I picked up the Twilight Creations Zombies!!! when my friend moved out of town with my old copy and then bought 2nd edition to have the “updated” *ahem* rules. I can personally account for three copies of the base game and one copy of all of the expansions (and bags of zombie miniatures).

    I bought them because my girlfriend loves zombie movies and its the one game that I’ve got that she likes to play but I also got her Last Night on Earth for Christmas so I expect that Zombies and all the expansions I have for it will soon be gathering dust on the shelf. LNoE is a superior game that better emulates the zombie movie feel.

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