Judges Guild founder struggling with cancer

We heard yesterday, but waited for the official announcement:

Dear Guildmembers and Fellow Gamers,

It is with deepest regret that I announce that the Judges Guild’s President, Bob Bledsaw has been struggling against terminal cancer, and has but a short time left with us. He is in good spirits, with house in order, and is ready to begin “the Great Adventure,” as he calls it.

For those of you who have been awaiting new products; it may take some time. The Guild will go through some changes as it is passed to his three sons. They have only begun to go through his writings and unfinished works, which there is much of. They do not plan to close or reduce the Guild, and will do their best to honor any existing contracts, and persue new product ventures, as time allows.

Calls, cards and flowers are not needed, but prayers for Bob, or a pause for reflection on a time when the Guild brought you some joy, is very much appreciated. Bob loved to see happy faces around the game-table, and doesn’t wish to sadden anyone with his passing. His family and friends wish to thank everyone for all the support offered, but nothing can help this situation.

As Bob would say, “Sometimes even the Dungeon Master could use a Saving Throw.”

With Regards,
Maed Makistakator
Bob Bledsaw Jr.

As the first company to publish third-party RPG support products, as well as the first RPG setting product, Judges Guild led the way for future generations of game publishers. The staff of OgreCave wish Bob Bledsaw, his family and friends the best during these difficult times, and thank Bob for all the great times and high adventure.

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  1. Hi folks,

    If you have received Bob’s hospital number recently from Noble Knight Games, please do NOT call him! Posting this number was a terrible mistake, though meant in all kindness. He’s in radiation therapy every day, and needs his rest. If he’s always getting calls, he will get no rest, which means his health will suffer!

    If an when it is okay to call Bob, I will get a statement from the family to that effect.

    If anyone can contact Lou Zocchi (I don’t have his number) tell him to PLEASE stop giving Bob’s number out to everyone!

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