2nd Dark Heresy printing rumored coming soon; next Warlord CCG printing confirmed coming from Germany

Multiple sources tell us that another printing of the WH40K Dark Heresy RPG rulebook is indeed on its way, despite the . So, you might wanna hold off on hoarding those extra copies for eBay.

Uh, a single source tells us that AEG is for all future support. But that source is, like, an actual press release, so it’s okay.


  1. I’ll be interested in seeing how Warlord does given that it’s going to be going online as well. Online + print could either compete with each other or complement each other.


  2. As an updated to the state of Warlord: It’s on the way from the printer to the warehouse. GenCon will see a Warlord’s 4th Edition and we are going to have a few fun surprises there. We might not have Ogres, but we have Trolls, Liches, and Nymphs!

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