LucasFilm sues Gen Con LLC over charity auction of Star Wars memorabilia

February 10th, 2008: Mike Sugarbaker says...
LucasFilm sues Gen Con LLC over charity auction of Star Wars memorabilia

It’s hard to know what to make of this item, so here’s a quote: “LucasFilm says that Gen Con, a company that puts on gaming conventions, failed to uphold a contract to deliver proceeds from a ‘Star Wars’ memorabilia auction to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. […] According to this complaint, Gen Con owes almost $1 million to the charity and to LucasArts for proceeds from an auction held at last May’s Gen Con convention in Los Angeles. LucasFilm says it undertook expenses to advertise the auction to increase participation.” Wow.



  1. James S. says:

    Holy Crap! If this is true and LucasArts chooses to litigate, we can kiss GenCon goodbye.

  2. Troy_Costisick says:

    That GenCon SoCal was nothing but a big mess from the very start. I hope that this is all just a misunderstanding and the two parties and reconcile.



  3. pduggie says:

    This is Star Wars Celebration, not SoCal.

  4. Adam Jury has taken a closer look at this on his blog, here. He asserts that the damages sought by Lucasfilm are closer to $800,000 though that may go higher.

    I don’t think this will kill off Gen Con, by any means. But a dispute of this nature probably makes another Star Wars Celebration unlikely – or unlikely that Gen Con LLC will be asked to run it.

  5. Adam Jury says:

    I whipped up a summary of this case yesterday, since the internet game of telephone was beginning to distort things more and more: http://www.adamjury.com/2008/gen-con-sued-by-lucasfilm-llc/

  6. Heh.

    Thanks, Adam. 🙂

  7. And now Gen Con’s filing Chapter 11. (Multiple folks reported this one. Thanks, guys.)

  8. JCarter426 says:

    Interesting news. I do hope GenCon doesn’t get sued though.

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