BTRC peddles disease with updated wargame

March 1st, 2008: Allan Sugarbaker says...
BTRC peddles disease with updated wargame

Looking for a cheerful, lighthearted game to take your mind off things? Or would you rather play a disease and wipe out a continent? Yeah, me too, so BTRC‘s Black Death [EDIT: a new version, apparently, not an entirely new title] seems right up my alley. For 2-6 plaguers – er, players – the goal is to kill off the population of 14th century Europe faster than the other competing diseases. Billed as “a different sort of conquest than your average wargame”, this PDF-only game looks as well made as any print wargame, with the advantages of zero shipping time and a $8 pricetag. Take a look, and pick one up if you’re willing to admit just how twisted you really are.


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