1. Strictly single-player at this point.

    There’s also another open sourced Space Hulk port out there which predates this one. Don’t have the link handy but doing a search for “Source Space Hulk” should work. It’s also single-player. From what I recall it handles a few things differently, so it’s worth checking out both to see which you prefer.

  2. …and it’s gone. For now at least due to bandwidth issues but then again it also appears that GW is once again rearing their head about IP control as usual. From the Teardown site:

    “The mail from Games Workshop worries us in the sense that we surely have taken every precaution to state that this is NOT an official game and in no way supported by them. They kindly asked us to phone them and so we will tomorrow. From their legal section they have all the time stated that as owners of the intellectual property they do not need a reason to ask us to pull the plug on our project. However if they are going to ask us to cease all activity, encourange our efforts or merely make us change some legal notifications we cannot say at this moment, becuase we ourselves do not know. When informed we will post the news here so check back tomorrow.”

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