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  1. So Nicole and I have been pretty careful about what we say in public about 4E. We have not said that it’s a bad deal or that we won’t be supporting the new edition. What we have said is that we need to see the new Game System License first. We need to know the terms under which we’d be publishing and what the new restrictions are before we can make any kind of decision. It has now been more than 10 weeks since WotC made its initial announcement and publishers have yet to see the GSL. With Paizo’s announcement today, we can see that some have decided they can’t wait any longer and will be going their own way. For us, with M&M, True20, and A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying, the decision is not as important. We can wait to see the new deal and that’s been our position since WotC first made its plans known.

    Chris Pramas
    Green Ronin

  2. Wow… TOTALLY different experience with the Starcraft board game here. We’ve played full six-player games now five times and there has been absolutely no clear-cut overpowering faction.

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