Upper Deck bringing WoW Minis promo to GTS

ICv2 has the story of the first of what is sure to become many GTS ’08 previews. In this case, Upper Deck will be giving out a World of Warcraft CMG promo figure at a retailer presentation on April 21st, the first full day of the show. It seems doubtful that a single WoW figure will lead to any of the craziness of promo releases past, but just wait until Onyxia, the “broodmother of the black dragons of Azeroth”, becomes a convention promo figure – that’s when we’ll see if Upper Deck handles the process any better than WizKids did. I’m not saying UD has announced a similar con exclusive sales plan yet or anything, I’m just seeing the potential for history to repeat itself.


  1. Well, according to the WoW minis website they plan to release an Onyxia “Raid Pack” eventually, but it sounds more like a retail release than a convention exclusive.

    You can bet that the retailer promo will fetch a pretty penny on eBay though. Full sets of the four WoW TCG GenCon pre-release character cards (identical to the ones found in starters, but have a “GenCon 2007” gold stamp on the back) sold for over $100.

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