Decipher plans viral CCG launch, shared profits for fans

March 31st, 2008: Allan Sugarbaker says...
Decipher plans viral CCG launch, shared profits for fans

Decipher, the company responsible for hit CCGs like Star Trek, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings, is trying a new approach with its next project. According to this announcement (there’s more than just the countdown clock, be patient), Decipher will launch a new CCG called Fight Klub at the end of April. This appears to be releasing in 121 card packs, or “kilos”, for $29.95 each. What license will be attached to the game, if any, is unclear. New players will join by invitation only, and each “mentor” player that invites more gamers will get a 10% kickback of all those players spend on the game, for life. Players will vote on cards for upcoming sets, possible reprints, and licenses they’d like to see pursued. Decipher will reap the maximum profits on the game, as Fight Klub won’t be solicited through regular distribution channels, instead only becoming available through Decipher directly. Of course, considering the timing of this (what date is it tomorrow? Hmm…), this might be foolery, but it doesn’t seem that way.


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