Reaper puts the lead back in leads

Not in all of them, granted – just the new P-65 Heavy Metal miniatures line. Apparently, real, honest-to-Orcus lead is perfectly legal in miniatures! That tidbit and a bunch of fascinating other ones are available on the linked FAQ. Kudos to Reaper for finding a way to turn economic necessity (the newly high cost of tin solder) into an excuse to take it back to the old school, a marketing move that core gamers always love.


  1. Screw Indonesia and their cartel!

    I wonder if the price of tin will now drop once its not being used to support the billion dollar miniature gaming industry.

  2. Yup. Definitely a hobby and a cottage industry, when it comes to metals and paint-it-yourself.

  3. What people seem to forget is that lead got pulled from minis when New York City instituted a ban of lead-based products. Fear that the rest of the country would head in this direction led to the removal of lead. Of course, in the interim NYC exempted things like minis, but the damage was already done.

    It’s nice to see a company stepping forward and correcting the issue finally. If only in a limited way.

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