PAX East Coast officially in the works

While I was off in the wilds of Minnesota last week, Tycho over at Penny Arcade made this post pseudo-announcing PAX East Coast 2010. As many gamers know, PAX – or Penny Arcade Expo – is the game con that mixes tabletop names like Fantasy Flight and Wizards of the Coast with computer and console folks like Blizzard, Bungie, Valve, and the like. With the exponential growth the show’s experienced in the past few years, a second show seems logical, and by working with Reed Exhibitions, the guys who put on the New York City Comic Con, this may work out nicely. No specific date has been set, though more details could come at PAX ’08 later this month. The East Coast show could potentially provide an easier show venue for tabletop game companies if PAX East’s date ends up being farther away from Gen Con.


  1. Lets hope they make it some centralized East Coast location rather than succumbing to the obvious lure of just having it in New York. I’d certainly be more likely to attend that way. DragonCon (absolute Deadsville for gaming company participation outside of White Wolf) is already a five hour drive for me 🙁

  2. But since DragonCon is only a 20 minute drive for me I’d be happy if PAX headed to Atlanta. 🙂 With Hartsfield there’s no excuse for a lack of gaming company participation since you can get into Hartsfield from anyplace in the world. The lack of gaming company participation at DragonCon has more to do with the fact it’s a fantasy/sci-fi/geek con first and foremost and not really a gaming con.

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