More this just more even more in from Gen Con

A few links from Saturday’s shows.

  • North Star Games has followed up their smash Wits and Wagers with Say Anything.
  • Fat Dragon makes cardstock terrain, and even some out-and-out fold-up minis, on a really high level of craft.
  • The Call of Duty real-time card game.
  • I’m fairly certain Paul meant Batavia.
  • How to Host a Dungeon sounds like a tabletop interactive version of the world-generation stuff at the start of indie PC text game Dwarf Fortress; everyone I know thinks that part of Dwarf Fortress is cool but stops playing as soon as they have to actually do anything. If HtHaD can actually make you a part of the cool stuff, that’s a recipe for success.
  • I’ve been eyeing The Continuum with interest for a bit, but also with some suspicion; they have their fingers in so many pies that they smell a little bit of desperation. (Mmm, desperation pie.) But to be fair, I need to give the gameplay a look, and the another-free-booster-for-finishing-three-games thing is really smart.

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